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Trend Time Series

This page contains data I used for exploring possible relationship between Twitter trending topics and Google host searches.
In particular, all those dataset were collected during fifteen consecutive days of crawling, i.e., from 2012-11-01 at 00:00AM UTC to 2012-11-15 at 11:59PM UTC.
The following data are available:

Please, refer to the following publications to get more information about these data:

  • Giummolè, F., Orlando, S., and Tolomei, G.  A Study on Microblog and Search Engine User Behaviors: How Twitter Trending Topics Help Predict Google Hot QueriesIn ASE Human Journal, vol. 2, issue 3 – September 2013, pp. 195–209.
  • Giummolè, F., Orlando, S., and Tolomei, G. Trending Topics on Twitter Improve the Prediction of Google Hot QueriesIn Proceedings of the ASE/IEEE SocialCom 2013, pp. 39–44 [among the top-5% best papers selected for journal publication].
    [PDF, Slides]


NOTE: All the datasets available from this website are distributed for NON-COMMERCIAL RESEARCH USE ONLY. By downloading the contents of these collections, everyone is committed to fulfil the terms of usage stated above, whereas any application for commercial purposes remains STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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